The 10 Global Impact Principals as propagated at WINSOME GROUP


Rising beyond mere rhetoric, our companies have evolved and embosomed within their sphere of influence, a set of immutable core values in the areas of Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environment and Corruption. We follow a policy of zero tolerance in these areas which are discussed in the succeeding paragraphs.


1. Our organization is committed in its support to and respect for the Internationally proclaimed human rights. This is regarded not merely as an issue of statutory compliance but as a benchmark specifying the lowest acceptable limits . There is no recruitment where the candidate doesn't produce a birth certificate. The organization takes due care that the age of the recruitee is verified from the Panchayat ( village local body ) or the municipal authority of the respective area . In the current year there were 121 recruits but only 109 actually joined as they were found to be above the lower age limit i.e. above 18 yrs , 12 of them were rejected as their certificates were not found to be in order. We encourage long-term association with our employees and do not believe in "Hire and Fire "policy. Child labor is a taboo for our organization.

2. The organization continuously evaluates itself viz- a- viz it's own policies with regards to human rights apart from internationally proclaimed human rights. We have an explicit policy that ensures our contractors do not violate the Child Labor statute. They are required to submit their reports under various Labor laws and factory's act and also that they work in accordance with the laid down working standards.


3. Our business not only upholds the labor standards set by ILO as a statutory requirement but also considers them as an ethical issue for the organization. The company has the strict policy that there shall be no discrimination in respect of employment on occupation of extraneous and irrelevant factors like caste, color, creed, sex and place of residence etc. Merit is overriding criteria in employment as well as for promotion, with due regard to seniority. The women workers are trained in the technical as well as non technical aspects with due consideration to the appropriate technology and skill right fit to the job. The safety of women worker is ensured, there is pick-and-drop facility for the women worker from their homes to the workplace. Beside this, the shifts are managed on the time basis and the women workers enjoy the liberty of the shift’s comfort, working as per time in compliance to that set by the Factory’s Act 1948.

4. Our organization has highest regards for the laws relating to abolition of child labor. We strictly follow the minimum age prescribed under Indian Factories Act i.e. 18 years duly verified from their certificate before they are lawfully employed. We also carry out survey of our vendors or customers and do not deal with them if they employ or encourage Child Labor. On the other hand, we have made special arrangement for the education of the work - force by keeping them engaged in the extra curricular and sport activities and they are encouraged to participate in in-house sports .

5. The Trade Union of our workmen has been got registered under the appropriate law, at the initiative of management. While this has kept the outside interference to minimum at the same time it has afforded the legitimate and democratic body to our workforce, to negotiate with the management on all the relevent issues. With the upcoming of twofold collective bargaining and trade unions, the joint councils and quality circles have been promoted. This has resulted in the Workers Participation in Management and a cordial working environment.


Keeping our objectives and environment policy into consideration, we continue to comply with all relevant environmental legislations and regulations as applicable to our organization. Continuous efforts are made for the prevention of pollution and protection of environment by conserving natural resources such as water, petrol, diesel and raw material.

Innovative practices have been adopted to improve environmental performance and has also catalyzed the induction of new and better technology. Our objectives are reviewed and reset to improve upon our past performance. Being an ISO certified organization( Environment Management System ) it is our endeavor to get our system audited by the certifying agency i.e. Bureau of Indian Standards who also carry out internal Audits to ensure that we comply with the laid down procedures. Any non-conformity reported is rectified immediately.

The following objectives have been achieved during the year:

6. Water pollution

Proper disposal of waste water generated from canteen which was earlier directly going into open drains is now being re-treated through the Effluent Treatment Plant ( ETP). Thus the waste water is now treated and used for gardening.

7. Land Contamination

The company has taken measures for the prevention of land contamination by minimizing the chances of spillage of Hydro Chloric Acid during the process of shifting to dye house from the Hcl Storage tank. Precautions and preventive measures are adopted while pumping the Hcl to overhead Hcl storage tank with the aid of a mechanical pump manufactured especially for this purpose. By adopting this measure we have been able to reduce the spillage from 5% to 2%. Thus saving a useful commodity and also leading to prevention of land contamination.

For safety and security, personnel handling Hcl are provided with personal protection equipment (PPE) such as goggles for eye protection, special gloves and shoes. To safeguard the workmen from acid burns which may be caused by accidental fallout of Hcl, special showers have been established near the working area.

8. Air Pollution Control

Air pollution is the major problem of any manufacturing concern. Our organization aims at minimizing this problem by improving the technology, so that the employee related and the environmental hazards are controlled and at the same time prevented. For this, there is proper channel of measuring the ambient air on regular basis. Following results have been achieved.

Pollutants National Ambient Air Quality Standards(NAAQS) 1994 RESULTS ACHIEVED TEST METHODS USED
PM 500 µg/m3 372.4 mg/m3 IS : 11255 P -1/3
SO2 120 µg/m3 22.8 mg/m3 IS : 11255 P-2
NOX 120 µg/m3 9.89 mg/m3 USEPA 40 CFR/CPCB method
CO ppm 10.0 µg/m3 19 mg/m3 KM-900 Hand held combustion Analyser

To reduce noise pollution, the machinery is upgraded/replaced and the noise level is well within the permissible limit laid down under Factory’s Act 1948. Further to avoid any ill- effect due to air and noise pollution the workers have been provided with facemasks and earplugs.

9. Chemical pollutant at Dye House

The chemical pollutant is the most hazardous one to the environment and to the human life. In our organization, dyeing of cotton fibre involves consumption of significant quantity of water, dyestuff, and auxiliary chemicals, in thermal environment that generates a considerable amount of liquid effluent, which effect the ecology. For this the organization has taken following measures:

a. The unit has implemented a scheme on energy and water management by introducing and using sophisticated process machinery with low M/L ratio so as to reduce the quantity of effluent generation.

b. Environmental management schemes on the production, so as to reduce the re-processing to a virtual zero level.

c. Partial recovery of water, energy and chemicals wherever possible, for intra-process recycling / utilization.

d. Adaptation of suitable end of the pipe technology.

By introducing the above measures, we have achieved the following results in our Effluent Treatment Plant:


COD 300-600 1000-1500 40-60 100-150
BOD 150-170 200-250 2-6 10-18



10. Our Organization has a Zero Tolerance Policy towards Corruption. We do not believe in paying illegal gratification to any official or non official functionery even when it promotes our business interests. This policy is followed strictly within the company . Similarly, we do not extend any benefits to our uppliers where it is found that they offer kick backs. In fact such parties are blacklisted, if they are found to making such offers. To us, at Winsome , corruption is an ethical & moral issue on which there can be no compromise even if some commercial gain of the company are forseen. We would rather abandon even the lucrative projects rather than succumb to pressure for payment of illegal gratification.

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