It is our continuous endeavor to produce good quality yarn consistently in accordance with the internationally acceptable yarn parameters.

We are equipped with most modern production facility to meet our goals.

Spindles 200,000
Blow Room Rieter, Lakshmi
- Vision Shield for contamination control in Natural Yarn
- Uniblend for Melange Yarns
Card Rieter
Draw Frame Rieter, Lakshmi
Comber Rieter, Lakshmi
Speed Frame Lakshmi Rieter
Ring Frame Lakshmi Rieter
Winding Murata, Schlafhorst with LOEPFE Contamination Control Channel
Doubling Ring doubling & TFO
Humidification LUWA
Precision Winder SSM
Dyeing Vessels Cubotex
Hydro Extractor Galvanin
R/F Dryer Stalam


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